Grey Logs

(2019, Finland, 18')

In August 2018 I shot a short documentary with dance artist and archaeologist Suvi Tuominen. The film presents an alternative archaeological reseacrh on dance performances at nazi camps in Lapland during WW II.

Summer 1944 a Finnish contemporary dance group was toured through Lapland to perform for German and Austrian soldiers, bringing artistic relief to the occupier. For a lack of archival footage or eye witnesses, the film explores an alternative archaeology. Combining nazi drawings, dance and artefacts, the slowly decomposing prisoner camps are reinterpreted. The film investigates lasting impacts of the war.

© Pieter-Jan Van Damme

All Rights Reserved

. produced by Suvi Tuominen

written and directed and filmed by Pieter-Jan Van Damme and Suvi Tuominen

filmed and edited by Pieter-Jan Van Damme

original music by Tony Sikström

additional music by Rosita   Serrano

. supported by Lapland's Dark Heritage research project and Arts Promotion Centre Finland